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Welcome to the Amiga Games Database. It's purpose is to provide Amiga games players with an informed but subjective opinion on a wide range of games. A vast amount of Amiga titles have been written, some of them more than a decade ago. We've all come across some awful software in our time, but for many of us, there's a surprising quantity of undiscovered classic Amiga games out there. The AGDB is here to help you identify them. It is not here to help you find pirated games so please don't ask. If you have any queries about Amiga games please click on the question link.

I am still hopeful of including screenshots with the reviews, but when I have sorted out the system for this, I'm going to need some help! Currently I'm in the process of getting advice from a knowledgable friend on how to produce efficient and high quality screenshots. When I have got up to speed with this I should be able to make some progress.

Please keep the reviews coming, there are still many games that are not reviewed and plenty that deserve a futher review.... am I the only person that played Carrier Command, and how about Heimdall?

AGDB Help Request:
As ever new reviews are required, so please try and contribute one if you possibly can. Any reviews (apart from those on the Overkill list) are welcome. Two games I would really like reviewed are Shuttle (The highly detailed Space simulation from 3D specialists Vektor Grafiks) and Debut, a truly weird game, apparently written by a pair of hippies called Tym and Phyd with a taste for Pink Floyd. The game combined an arcade adventure where you found and dismantled nuclear reactors with a planet simulation requiring you to fine-tune the planet's ecosystem in an attempt to save it. Can you help?

Quote of the month:
"One thing that isn't made at all clear is how the game is structured: Exodus 3010 is a linear sequence of encounters. The Starlight is pre-programmed to travel from A to Z and you're gonna bump into every letter along the way."

mecha-neko on Exodus 3010

If you'd like to contribute a game review yourself, and I need all the help I can get, you might like to see the Submissions page, or just send your review to me. In an effort to reduce the huge amounts of spam I receive, I have "broken" my e-mail address by adding numbers to it. For the correct address, just remove them:

You can review any Amiga game you like, commercial or PD but please avoid the games on the Overkill list, which have already got three reviews each. If you're really stuck for ideas you might want to look at the Suggestions list.

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and, as special guest star, my show report of the Bath Amiga Show (13-12-03) (presented by the South West Amiga Group)

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