The Amiga

Computers are basically tools to help us perform certain tasks, whether the task is playing a game, composing a soundtrack, or accessing the internet, it is still a task, performed with a tool.

Some tools, however, generate a loyalty and affection that can seem odd when associated with, what is after all, an inanimate object. The Amiga, for me, is one of these. It is fully accessible, unlike the Mac, and it has a superb multi-tasking GUI, unlike the PC.

Perhaps the best way to witness the enthusiasm that this machine has generated is to see the vast amounts of utilities, demos and games that users have written for the public domain. It has inspired, and it has created awe, and despite the Amiga's uncertain future it still goes on

Babylon 5, as we know it, was after all made possible by the Amiga.

Below are some useful Amiga links.

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