FAQ and Posting Guidelines (Provisional)

What the heck is this ?
Well, its a brief document detailing why the newgroup exists, why it
should be better than the other Playstation groups, (have you seen them?)
and how we can keep it that way. Additionally it attempts to answer
frequently asked questions, that would otherwise be ....erm frequently

Why u.g.v.p. ?
u.g.v.p. came into being because many of us felt that the existing
Playstation newsgroups had become so full of childish advocacy, piracy,
adverts, binary posts, and general noise that there was no point in
subscribing to them. The aim of this group is to discuss Playstation
related topics in a civilised, and hopefully, friendly environment.

Whats on-topic ?
Pretty much anything relating to the Playstation. Obviously games,
hardware, programmers and the intentions of Playstation software

Whats off-topic ?
Adverts, binaries, posts likely to generate piracy, how-much-better-my
-system-is-than-yours type posts, and generally stuff not pertaining to
the Playstation. Additionally, if you're providing a walkthrough or
solution to a game, please give some warning and adequate space, so people
not wishing to be "spoiled" can avoid it. Thanks.

Cross-posting ?
Please do not cross-post to other groups when you post an article. This
group was created because of the problems with the other groups, and
when you crosspost, you're effectively inviting those problems to come
here. Conversely, if you read the other groups, please don't cross-post
from there to here.

Playstation Release Schedule
Paul Delaney, ( has kindly agreed to post a
weekly schedule of Playstation releases, with hot news as he gets it.
Obviously, though, if you hear anything about a forthcoming release,
post it to the group, people want to know.
Paul's schedule is also available on his web site:


General Netiquette
Please try not to quote more text than necessary when following-up to
someone's post. Usually a couple of lines is enough to give the context.
Personally I feel smileys are over-used, but sometimes they are a good
idea, if you're making a joke that may be misunderstood.
Try not to put too many characters on a line. When people follow-up
to your posts the whole thing can become a real effort to read. If your
editor allows you to set this in preferences 72 should be about right.
Otherwise use that legendary Playstation judgement you keep telling us

The bottom line
Many of us agree that this group has great potential, but it could easily
go the way of the other Playstion newsgroups. Together we can keep it
a good place to be. If we get abusive visitors, lets convince them,
initially with courtesy, to behave themselves.

This document was produced by:

Anthony Brice
Adam Calow  
Lee Huggett 
Angus Manwaring   (remove numbers)
Ian Vincent 

       Below is the original Rationale and Charter for the group.


	At this time, there are NO Sony Playstation groups in the UK
	heirachy. The existing Playstation groups are both very
	high-volume, and US biased, but do have some UK content, which
	is increasingly difficult to find. They also contain frequent
	binary postings, and adverts, many of which involve pirated
	software. This amounts to a very discouraging environment for
	the UK participants who wish to enter into serious discussion
	about Playstation games. Because Playstation games are released
	months apart in the various different countries, the group would
	focus on UK releases.

 	This unmoderated group would be for general discussion on
 	Playstation games and associated hardware. Examples of on-topic
 	posts are reviews and general discussion of games released, or
        to be released in the UK. Hints and tips would also be welcome,
        but should be indicated either in the subject line, or by adding
        a warning and sufficient "spoiler space" within the post.

        In addition,

                NO ADVERTS.

                NO BINARIES.



Proposer: Angus Manwaring

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