The concept

I've sampled the various music newsgroups, and have come to the
conclusion that in the rhythm and blues department there is a
definite deficiency. The problem with my last sentence is it
includes a whopping great category, that can include everything
from the Rolling Stones to Jason Donovan, as this is definitely
not my intention, allow me to elaborate. To me, the group which
best represents R+B would be the Stones, but the newsgroup I'm
describing also includes groups like:

Free, Focus, the Beatles , Rory Gallager, Gun, Lenny Kravitz,

Joe Cocker, Peter Green's Fleetwood Mac, Eric Clapton, Dire Straits

The Black Crowes, Supergrass, and so on.

This reflects a fairly bluesy taste, but if you call it a blues-rock
newsgroup people will assume anything that is not blues will be
excluded, so I felt R+B should come into the title somewhere.
Having said that bluesmen like B.B.King and Muddy Waters
are valid topics, so perhaps a typical article PROBABLY
involves a ROCK band, POSSIBLY influenced by the BLUES, but DEFINITELY
performing with SOUL.

  Perhaps it would be helpful to say what the  group
does *NOT* include. No rap, no punk, no country + western and
although some hard rock would qualify, no heavy metal, no
offence intended, but its a different brand of music, and its
already  well represented on Usenet. This still leaves a broad
spectrum of music, and no definition that I know of wraps it
up as tightly as I'd like, so come and see for yourself, and
help shape what could be a great group.


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